Welcome to the MyHouse Gram Affiliate Program.

Become a Affiliate Today for only a One Time fee of $250 and Double your investment back off your first referral.

This is a great opportunity to Earn $500 off each MyHouse Gram Investment Pool Membership Enrollment you refer. Also! if the person you refer close on a property you will receive a 1% commission on the purchase price of the property (Max $3500).


Purchase Price $300,000 x 1% = $3000 commission for you plus $500 upfront.
Totaling a $3500 commission off one referral!

If you refer an Affiliate Agent then you will receive $200 upfront when he/she sales a Investment Pool membership. You will also receive a 0.50% commission off his/her client if they close a deal (Max $1,750).


Example $300,000 x 0.50% = $1500 Commission for you plus $200 upfront.
Totaling a $1750 Commission off your referred agent referrals.

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