Business Lines of Credit

MyHouseGram now offers Business Lines of Credit up to $200,000 for start up businesses without financial document requirements!!!

🚫 No Paystubs, No Tax Returns, No Bank Statements or W2’s Required!!

✅ All you need is a LLC, LLP, INC, Scorp etc to get started. Having seniority doesn’t matter. You just have to have excellent credit in the 700’s with all three Credit Bureaus and at least 2 to 6 years worth of credit history. No Bankruptcies, Judgement, Foreclosures or Repo’s. No late’s, charge offs or collections in the past 2 years


Apply Here!!

There is no application fee upfront

***Once approved, the 15% Business lines of Credit Commissions must be paid within 48 hours after the invoice has been sent. If not, you will be subject to Collections for the money that was owed.