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MyHouseGram Investment Group Membership

MyHouseGram Investment Group Membership

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MyHouseGram Silent Investor Group BUY-IN Program”

The Buy-In program is simple. You buy-in with $30k  to become a 10% equity shareholder of the company which we’ll acquire the asset (The Property). This will be a 3year term due to COVID-19 and township restrictions. The max you can receive is 10% of $150,000 ($15,000) net of what we make after expenses. After that you’re not responsible for any other fees. You are required to pay a non refundable membership group fee of $5000 which will cover membership/consultant fees, Attorney fees, appraisal fees, and our processing fees. Everything else you won’t be responsible for. You’re just going to receive 10% of the net profits after all deductions Are taking out of the gross price of the sell. Meaning! You will receive your Initial investment of $30,000 back +10% of the net proceeds that was made on the sell of the house.



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