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Transfer House into your Company Name

Transfer House into your Company Name

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Transfer house Ownership & Mortgage into your Company Name.  

We can book a consultation which is an hour.  Cost is $500! You can explain everything to us and we can Execute it for you ASAP.  Here’s some testimonies from previous clients we’ve worked with. This person had to go through the same process I’m telling you now and we made sure they succeeded within 30 days. Please send us your email address, full name and contact number so we can send you the invoice for the $500 consultation 

The $3500 is due upfront to transfer the ownership into the company name. (If you took the consultation then we will Subtract the $500 From the $3500 fee) . Next Step is for us to start the loan process once the company is connected to the house. You’ll need a 700 credit score if you plan to cash out money. If you plan to just transfer the mortgage in the company name then your credit can be mediocre around 660. You have to pay for an appraisal upfront.  As far as Your closing costs which we charge a commission for doing the loan can all be incorporated inside the loan without you paying upfront as an out of pocket expense Because it’s a separate service. You 🙅🏽‍♂️don’t need tax returns or 🙅🏽‍♂️w2’s  Paystubs🙅🏽‍♂️and your company doesn’t  need to be seasoned In order for us to process the loan under your business name.


Next step:

Need Company Formation Docs

* Articles of Organization

* Filing Receipt

* Operation Agreement

* Certificate Of Good Standing




To speak to one of our reps please call 866-721-1867 thank you



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